Mini Concert
*Image credit: De Testa
Independent band De Tesla believes that good music should not only bring about ticket sales and a big applause. Having presented “barter concerts” to address different social issues, they ventured to Taiwan for their “Exchange+Incubation”. There they volunteered for the Chishang Autumn Rice Harvest and Art Festival, and stayed briefly at 9Floor Co-Living Apartment. Stimulating encounters during the sojourn have inspired a number of new songs.

For instance, in Chishang, they ran into a homecoming barista. He was originally striving for his career in Taipei, but a word from his family brought him home. He is now running the family hostel. A cafe at ground level houses his aspiration.

In collaboration with the Taiwanese government, 9Floor experiments on cross-generational co-housing in refurbished old buildings. Initially, everybody expected conflicts between the generations, but it turns out that they happen not between but within. Two elder women had a dispute and stopped talking to each other. But their heart melted in a pop-up concert…

In this 30-minute concert, nine original songs will weave through one story after another, about ties that seem, but are not yet, broken.
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