Exchange + Incubation
Exchange+Incubation for Creative Industries Practitioners supports socially conscious and forward-looking creative industries practitioners to undertake immersive studies in cities/regions outside Hong Kong, explore synergies with like-minded partners and kickstart their own innovative projects in Hong Kong with social, cultural and/or ecological impact. They will also share their insights, learning and experience of the exchange and incubation projects at the pilot programmes and International Assembly of the MaD Festival.
De Tesla

De Tesla is an independent band which believes that great music should bring something more than ticket sales and a big applause. Previously they have presented barter concerts for various social causes. Currently committed to the elderly, they will travel to Taiwan to gain insights on how music can serve as a medium of care.

Fashion Clinic

Fashion Clinic believes that it is time to "cure" excessive consumption and reinvent fashion with a tastefully mindful attitude to resources. It promotes service over products, which creatively extends the lifespan of clothing. To acquire traditional mending skills in East Asia and study the potential of CLOTHING REPAIR AND REDESIGN as a sustainable model for the global fashion industry, they will go to Japan and Korea to meet with craftspeople and leading upcycling fashion brands.

Gaau1 Up

Gaau1 Up frankly acknowledges that up-cycling is not the final solution for our excessive waste. The remedy is to bring the process of up-cycling onto the table, showing the potential of recycled plastic from proper waste treatment. It is also a reminder for conscious consumption as they deal with the afterlife of the plastic wastes. Focusing on plastic waste, they experiment well-sorted plastics with self-made machines and promote waste reduction through re-making plastic. They will go to Ukraine and exchange with Precious Plastics, which runs an open laboratory for innovating recycling machines and public education, on technologies and methodologies that can be brought back to Hong Kong.

Lin Heung House

Bringing together local produce, inclusive production, craftsmanship, heritage and aesthetics, Lin Heung House makes incense a tactile expression of well-being. Incense, besides its sensory dimensions, also contains a wealth of stories about the human civilization. Departing from the "Fragrant Harbour", they will venture to India where incense originated. There they will visit various forms of production, and observe how incense is blended in the local culture and everyday life.

studio WMW

studio WMW — which stands for "what most wanted" — aspires to make design fulfilling and meaningful. They have collaborated with NGOs on projects that bring smiles on the faces of kindergarten children, and present social enterprises with fresh branding. Along these lines, they will go to Japan to exchange with exemplary designers and architects whose works give form to happy childhood, and those who make traditions appealing to contemporary users.

WORK, sheet. Studio

For Work, sheet. Studio, "made in Hong Kong" is not something that belongs to the past, but to the present and to a sustainable future. They are a specialist in material innovation and service design, and collaborate with NGOs and sheltered workshops to upcycle food waste into FiberMaterial. Their destinations are Nanjing and Shaanxi, where they will exchange with leading manufacturers and universities on cutting-edge technologies and models to generate value at multiple levels.