Supported by the “Exchange+Incubation” scheme of MaD Festival, 6 teams of creative industry practitioners set out on research trips to their selected destinations in 2018. Their exchange partners are invited to join them in Hong Kong for sharing on their grounded endeavours. These are not just “success stories” – hear their first-hand experiences on what it takes to make a difference with the creative industries in Asia.
Programme Details
Fashionably Sustainable
Time: 11:00 AM – 12:00 NN
Moderator: Kay CHAN (Social Designer)
Fashion Clinic | Hong Kong
WONG Kay & LAM Wai-yin|Founders
Two fashion designers determinedly ended what they have previously established — because they thought consumption-driven fast fashion is sick. They founded Fashion Clinic to give the concept of fashion a total makeover. With thoughtful repairs and redesign, they give old clothes a second life and fashion a sustainable way forward.

During their “Exchange+Incubation”, Fashion Clinic met with leading brands and craftspeople in Japan and Korea. What they have gained was not only new know-how for fixing fashion, but a philosophy of life and an outlook for our time.
RE;CODE | Seoul
Heeyeon Lena CHOI|Merchandiser
Sujin KIM|Designer

RE;CODE strives to give fast fashion a twist and promotes sustainable fashion. The brand takes the garments that are not chosen by customer as its materials for stylish collections of upcycled clothes. RE;nano, a sub brand, practices zero-waste production to further reduce the footprint of manufacturing.

In addition to fashion, RE;CODE also promotes sustainability on different fronts. For instance, it provides an opportunity for talented people with intellectual disability, single mothers, North Korean refugees to work and learn and helps their self-reliance.

Recycling Line
Time: 12:30 PM – 1:30 PM
Moderator: Kelvin CHEUNG (Upcycling Designer)
Work, sheet. Studio | Hong Kong
Car YEUNG & Jade WONG | Founders
To Work, sheet. Studio, “made in Hong Kong” does not belong to the past, but is presently relevant for a sustainable future. They specialize on material research and service design, and work with NGOs and sheltered workshops to transform “trash” into fibre materials.

Starting from a university course assignment, Work, sheet. Studio has grown into a thriving business. During their “Exchange+Incubation”, they built connections with universities and industry players in Mainland China, and are expecting to turn their interflow of new ideas and technologies into future collaborations.
Nanjing Forestry University | Nanjing
Prof CUI Juqing | Professor, Department of Compound Materials of Biomass, College of Materials Science and Engineering
Forestry is a cross-disciplinary inquiry into the use of forest resources. Nanjing Forestry University is a specialist and takes a holistic approach to people’s coexistence with forests.

Professor Cui is an expert in material science and material engineering. He has done extensive research on adhesive for wood. During the exchange with Work, sheet. Studio, his technological recommendations were pivotal to a major breakthrough in their work.
A Journey Across Cultures

Time: 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM
Moderator: Amber AU (DJ, Commercial Radio)
Lin Heung House | Hong Kong
CHENG Chi-kin & HUI Yun-chak | members
Bringing together local produce, inclusive production, craftsmanship, heritage and aesthetics, Lin Heung House makes incense a tactile expression of well-being. Besides sensory experiences, incense also conjures upon a wealth of human civilisation. In the dissipating smoke, land, resources and folk traditions intertwine.

Departing from the "Fragrant Harbour", they ventured to India where incense originated. There they visited various forms of production, and observed how incense was blended in the local culture and everyday life.
Reality Tours & Travel | Mumbai
Krishna POOJARY|Co-founder
What do you have in mind when you think about the Indian societies? Does your impression come from international news or Bollywood? Is it accurate? Or is it prejudice?

Reality Tours & Travel takes visitors around Mumbai and Delhi through various types of tours, and guides them to places where outsiders are normally lost on their own. The tours give visitors insider’s perspectives on the social contexts, and replace misconceptions with a deeper understanding. 80% of their profits is contributed to the NGO Reality Gives that works for the underprivileged communities.
Save Your Own Plastics
Time: 3:30 PM – 4:30 PM
Moderator: Noreen MIR (Presenter and Producer, RTHK Radio 3)
Gaau1 Up | Hong Kong
CHENG Wing-chun & CHU Wai-kit|Core Members
Gaau1 Up frankly acknowledges that up-cycling is not the final solution for our excessive waste. The remedy is to bring the process of up-cycling onto the table, showing the potential of recycled plastic from proper waste treatment. It is also a reminder for conscious consumption as they deal with the afterlife of the plastic wastes. Focusing on plastic waste, they experiment well-sorted plastics with self-made machines and promote waste reduction through re-making plastic.

In search of active Precious Plastic members in the region, Gaau1 Up ventured to Ukraine. There they worked closely with fellow makers and advocates, and have taken home technologies for adaptation.
Precious Plastic Ukraine | Odessa
Eugene KHLEBNIKOV|Founder
Precious Plastic is a movement initiated by Dutch designer Dave Hakkens. He spent a year researching on parts in hardware stores around the world, and designed a world-wide applicable plastic upcycling machine for open-source local adaptation.

Eugene KHLEBNIKOV brought they movement to Ukraine and keeps inventing new machines. They have plans for an open laboratory, and are striving to promote waste reduction through public education.
Design that Touches

Time: 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM
Moderator: Dr Jason HO (Cultural Critic, Senior Service-Learning Consultant, Centre for Innovative Service-Learning, Hong Kong Baptist University)
Studio WMW | Hong Kong
Sunny WONG | Design Director
Ming CHEUNG | Designer
Studio WMW—which stands for What’s Most Wanted — aspires to make design fulfilling and meaningful. In previous collaborations with NGOs, they have created joyful environments for kindergarten children, prototyped madeleines with a taste of social inclusion, enabled families to share their homely tales with communicative visuals, and presented social enterprises with fresh rebranding, etc.

During their “Exchange+Incubation”, they met with exemplary Japanese designers whose works bring joy to communities, connects traditions to contemporary users, reinvented aesthetics and make a sense of beauty available to all.

6D | Tokyo
Shogo KISHINO | Founder

(Video sharing)

Shogo KISHINO is a renowned designer in Japan. He is Associate Professor at the School of Design of Tokyo University of Science, and heads graphic design and art studio 6D, which he founded in 2007. 6D specialises on a range of design areas, such as visual identity, packaging, branding and architecture information design, which is called "sign project" in Japanese.

6D frequently takes part in large-scale projects. Recent trademark projects include Line of Life Project, a CSR activity of Suntory, in which the tradition of kite-flying was incorporated in a campaign for bird preservation.

To Shogo KISHINO, design is not the solution to everything. Nevertheless, while more and more is related to design today, designers cannot only focus on design anymore. "We have to become designers who understand all sorts of problems."

E:  T: +852 3996 1953