Stories of furniture@MaD Festival 2019
Lawn Runner
In 2013, MaD teamed up with artists, musicians, designers, etc and presented Citizens on the Move at the Kwun Tong waterfront. The project reflected on cycles of production in the midst of urban redevelopment. To enable freer use of public space, HOUR25 Production and nude leather co-created a classic piece of mobile furniture—Lawn Runner.

"In Hong Kong, we can rarely find a piece of lawn to lie down and relax," said the designer. But with the portable Lawn Runners, users can easily unroll a piece of lawn in the city. Lawn Runners have accompanied MaD in many journeys.

From The Free Marketeers and Live Art Daily at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre Piazza, to MaD@Freespace Fest at the West Kowloon Waterfront Promenade, Tin Shui Collaborative at Tin Shui Wai, Citizens on the Road at PMQ, Centre Street Music Night in Sai Ying Pun...Lawn Runners have always been extremely popular. Once in a while, they are lent to other organisations on further expeditions.
Colourful folding stools
The colourful stools come from Live Art Daily. In 2015, MaD was invited by the Hong Kong Museum of Art to Programme Partner of a fringe programme of Wall-less Chit-CHANT. Our point of departure was everyday life—how does it inspire artistic practices, and how does art respond to it?

Along this line, we presented a series of activities to promote Hong Kong artists at the piazza outside the museum. To create a lively environment, artist collective MUDwork (CHUNG Wai-ian and NG Ka-chun) created a set of "art furniture"—when a specially designed cupboard is turned inside-out, a make-shift living room will unfold to enliven public space.

Since then, the handy foldable stools have be extremely helpful to the MaD Team. Together we went through Hi! Hill: Art-in-Situ at Chuen Lung on Tai Mo Shan, and shared wonderful moments in artists' sharings, ramie-dyeing, Hakkasino...
Jockey Club "Make a Difference" Social Lab specialises on user-centric participatory processes. For field studies and all kinds of community activities, KaCaMa Design Lab was commissioned to design Transformer.

On the move, the mobile set is a brightly coloured trolley. When stationed, it transforms into a stall. A few hardback books stored in the set can be unfolded to become little stools for roadside gatherings and discussions.

Transformer debuted at MaD Festival 2017. It then played a part in "Park Lab" and "Healthy Street Lab." From leisurely lawns to busy pavements, they have been a focal point in every community event.
White Folding Table and Chair
These seemingly plain tables and chairs have carried hundreds of household tales. In the summer 2018, they travelled around Hong Kong as the set of Storyline in Lai Chi Kok Park, Victoria Park and Tai Po Waterfront Park. Families have sat on them as they put together endearing stories.

These furniture pieces have gone through sunshine and rain with us. We sweated together in the hot summer sun, and sheltered them when there was a heavy downpour.

One stop after another, we finally arrived at To the Moon, our terminal at the Clock Tower in Tsim Sha Tsui. There, the furniture hosted families, couples, friends and individuals as they made their own lanterns under the full moon.the full moon.
Arc-shaped Table and Stools
These arc-shaped tables and stools were originally used in Secret Garden, an exhibition at the Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre. The show was not a MaD project, but our colleagues and many of our frequent partners were involved.

MaD is very supportive of our members' diverse pursuits. Besides MaD, many colleagues also work on other creative projects. As long as time allows, we always go to one anothers' exhibitions, concerts, dramas, performances, book launches, etc.

We believe in sharing for better use of resources. Many thanks to the Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre for sharing this belief and lending us this set of furniture.
Wood Bench
When we work on our projects, we always get to know likeminded partners. As a collaborative platform, we strive to connect creative practitioners and foster exchange and synergy.

This set of benches was made for "MaD Festival 2019 Pilot@Oi!". The art space was very support of our Exchange+Incubation scheme and hosted one of our outreach events. They also offered to procure new public furniture. We thought it was an excellent opportunity to expose the work of local artists to more people.

We then invited Yan of Coutou Woodworking Studio, whom we got to know through "Community as Method! To Kwa Wan Legends", to take part. Yan is into crafts and has learnt a great deal from local carpenters and metalsmiths. With these skills, she turns discarded wood into beautiful functional pieces. This set of benches is a great demonstration of the blending of local production, craftsmanship and good use of resources.
Nested Table
This set of tables and benches also comes from "MaD Festival 2019 Pilot@Oi!". The variety of sizes makes possible different configurations. The smaller benches can be stored under the tables for easy storage.

The maker is Saturn Wood Workshop. When we first visited their studio, we were impressed by their craftsmanship and creativity (as well as three adorable cats). Next year, we will be working together on a project that aims to nurtures little citizens with woodwork. Stay tuned!

Thank you for supporting the work of young local artists and championing the sharing of resources.
Bamboo Stool
These handy DIY stools are memories from MaD 2015 Village Reimagined. Back then, "village" was our metaphor. We invited participants to imagine themselvse as "villagers" and rethink social systems for our time. Aterlier Juxta-Architecture came up with this design with three pieces of bamboo, a piece of cloth and a few inches of magic tape. Participants could carry them around—sitting become an immediate action of space-making.

Since 2011, Aterlier Juxta-Architecture has always been our creative partner and takes care of spatial design. The name "Ripple Forum" originated from a design of theirs that served to bring participants together.

This year, they are giving constructure scaffolds an imaginative twist. Creativity soars in these grounded spacecrafts!
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