Open Studio
Open Studio
12 & 13 Jan 2019 (Sat & Sun) | Parade Ground|Pre-registration required for some programmes
Supported by the “Exchange+Incubation” scheme of MaD Festival, 6 teams of creative industry practitioners set out on research trips to their selected destinations in 2018. After returning to Hong Kong, each team started an innovative project with social, cultural and/or ecological impact. Visit their Open Studio, meet the explorers and get hands-on in real actions.
Programme Details
De Tesla
De Tesla is an independent band which believes that great music should bring something more than ticket sales and a big applause. Previously they have presented barter concerts for various social causes. Their exchange in Taiwan focused on music as a medium of care.
Fashion Clinic
Fashion Clinic believes that it is time to "cure" excessive consumption and reinvent fashion with a tastefully mindful attitude to resources. It promotes service over products, which creatively extends the lifespan of clothing.

In Japan and Korea, they met with leading brands and craftspeople to gain new know-how for making fashion more sustainable.
Gaau1 Up
Focusing on DIY experiments, Gaau1 Up promotes plastic waste reduction through meticulous sorting and upcycling. They made it all the way to learn from Precious Plastic Ukraine, and hoping to transform and localise the exchange experience.
Lin Heung House
Bringing together local produce, inclusive production, craftsmanship, heritage and aesthetics, Lin Heung House makes incense a tactile expression of well-being.

Departing from the "Fragrant Harbour", they ventured to India where incense originated. There they visited various forms of production, and observed how incense was blended in the local culture and everyday life.
Studio WMW
Studio WMW aspires to make design fulfilling and meaningful. They have collaborated with NGOs and present social enterprises with fresh rebranding. In Japan, they exchanged with exemplary designers whose works bring joy to communities, and make traditions appealing to contemporary users.
Work, sheet. Studio
Work, sheet. Studio specializes on material research and service design. They work with NGOs and sheltered workshops to transform “trash” into fibre materials. Their exchange with universities and industry players in Mainland China was a rewarding interflow of new ideas and technologies.
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