Take action for sustainability and inclusivity
We walk the talk — in all decisions that made the Festival what it is.
Here is what we have gone through for this Ground Odyssey.
We champion creative co-creation
  • MaD Festival 2018/19 is the outcome of the concerted efforts of partners, volunteers and the MaD Team.
  • We do not see our partners as contractors but collaborators. We value their creative share, and make sure that the process is fulfilling for them. We hope that our partnerships are not only conducive to the Festival, but also meaningful for our collaborators’ ongoing pursuits.
  • We believe that appreciation for creative endeavours must manifest in tangible forms. Our partners are duly acknowledged with proper credits and fair remuneration.
We are mindful of our eco-footprints
We reduce, reuse and recycle. For instance:
  • There is no printed house programme. All programme information is accessible at madfestival.mad.asia. When we definitely need to print, we use recycled paper and soy ink.
  • We are not making new goodies bags but reusing “last-season” ones. Want to make them uniquely yours? Fashion Clinic’s Open Studio has great ideas for you.
  • The spacecrafts that make up our main set are reconfigured scaffolds. After this imaginative transformation, the structures will return to their regular use.
  • The medley of furniture is made up of items used in previous MaD events. Check out their journeys before this Odyssey here.
We strive to be accessible
  • We want to make sure that money is not a prohibiting barrier. Admission is heavily subsidised with support from cross-sector sponsors. Our subsidy schemes enable local and overseas participants to join the Assembly with financial support.
  • Since 2015, we have been collaborating with the Arts for the Disabled Association to provide accessibility services. Audio description and sign interpretation are available at all Exchange and Ripple Forum sessions, and upon request for other activities.
You can share our cause
  • Take part as a co-creator, but not a consumer. Be nice to everyone and everything you encounter.
  • Use low-carbon means of transportation, if you are coming to Hong Kong from abroad.
  • Take public transport when you travel to/from the venue and go on an excursion.
  • Bring your own reusable water bottle (there are water dispensers at the venue), cutlery, drinking straw, shopping bag, etc.
  • Make good use of recycling facilities. Separate waste to facilitate the recycling process.
  • Please use the stairs if you can and leave the elevator to those in need.
  • Be helpful to fellow participants—open a door, share information and translate for those who do not understand. Be conscientious of different needs.
  • Be mindful of limited resources, including activity places. Have your fair share and make opportunities available to everyone.
  • Respect intellectual properties. Seek consent before you take photos or videos. When you share materials gathered at the Festival, please include proper credits.
E: madfestival@mad.asia  T: +852 3996 1953